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                Location:Home > Quality Assurance > Product Developing

                Quality Assurance

                Product Developing

                  VIGO attaches greatimportance to the construction of developing system, and learns the advancedexperience of the same industry constantly, in order to adapt to and meetdifferent market needs. We have a professional development team, a capability of comprehensive development andsuccessful experience of project management. VIGO has won many domesticadvanced technology patent, ensuring providing customers with satisfactoryservice.

                    We pursue the bestcombination of  quality and cost andapply different product platforms to meet different customers’ needs.

                Research and Developing Mode

                R&D ability and software application

                1、We can design the 2D and 3D of vehicle’s parts by CATIA and UG.;
                2、We can carry out the analysis of the characteristics of products, application environment, manufacture flow and control ;
                3、We can carry out mold design and programming by UG, and conduct process  analysis, for example, flow and temperature;
                4、We can make molds, fixture and Check fixture by CNC , EDM and wire cutting.