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                About US

                Set up in 1988, VIGOlocates next to the airport and in the slip road,  It is this superior geographical positionthat VIGO can easily approach to its customers within 1 hour.

                Subordinate companies

                GuangzhouChuang Rui Electric Parts forVehicle CO., Ltd. , Guangzhou Wei Si Automobile Parts CO., Ltd.  , Guangzhou Vigo Hengsen  Plastic Packaging Product  CO., Ltd. , Guangzhou Wei Ai Sheng Vehicle Parts CO., Ltd.

                Industrialproduction base

                Locatedin Baiyun District, Guangzhou,VIGO is a garden-like industrial production base taking an area of 10,000square meters, with a large-scale mold manufacturing center in it.


                automobileparts and motorcycle parts’ developing and manufacturing, mold developing ,processing and manufacturing, medicine plastic packaging service.


                1000 (upto Jan, 2013)


                With more than 20years’ development, VIGO  has accumulatedrich experience and accomplished  varioussuccessful project, especially in offering customers electric parts, high qualitymolds of plastic parts. Quality and reputation both  have received national acclaim.

                VIGO welcomes guests from all over theworld  to visit us ,give suggestions  and work together for a better success.